Recap: Cam Bells PVD Live

Much love to everyone who came out to the show,

as well as all the artists & DJ's who blessed the stage.

                                                      Almty Nino  &  Where's Nasty

                                                     Almty Nino & Where's Nasty

                                                          Hil Holla

                                                        Hil Holla



                                        International Walt  &  J Boogie

                                       International Walt & J Boogie

                                               DJ Buck  x  DJ Knockout

                                              DJ Buck x DJ Knockout

Oxygen Lyrics via Rap Genius

God made me shine like the Sun
I just want my Momma to be proud of her son
I just want my big Sister to be proud of her little bro
I know I be tripping, I know I be tripping
I just wanna get my family, way up out of the slums
If I put the work in first, I know dollars’ll come
I ain’t stressing
It’s either a blessing or it’s a lesson
Reppin’ since adolescence, 89 It begins...
— Cam Bells